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Corporate Marketing
Videos increase purchase decisions and click through rates. Caputo Creative can produce a high quality video to increase your web traffic too! We also produce impactful commercials, infomercials, and TV shopping segments. Have a live corporate event? C2 can help create content for your event, AND document the event through video & interviews.
By adding 2D or 3D animation for your product, you make a presentation more dynamic as well as emphasize points to the viewer – making it more memorable. C2 has an Effects Animator on staff to give your product or company logo new imagery for your audience.
Broadcast & Web
50% of people watch online videos daily, which makes video crucial for both internal and external communications. C2 creates impactful marketing and point of sale videos, training series, and web based videos to fit your unique message. 

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13191 56th Ct. Suite 112 Clearwater, FL 33760 727.541.7544