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Canon XC10 Review

The XC10 is a high-performance professional camcorder. It’s functional weaknesses are made up for with very high-quality 4K image quality. By: Videomaker Read Post >

Secure-K is an encryped OS

that lives on a USB drive

If you're looking for a encrypted, portable OS that can be securely loaded on any computer, Secure-K may be the answer. By: The Verge Read Post >

Google Prepping

Internet Speed Test Tool

Google appears to be testing a new service that lets users check their Web speed directly in search results. By: PC Mag Read Post >

There's a New Cloud-Based

Talent Recruiting Suite on the Block

One of the most important functions of any business is finding and hiring quality employees, a task that usually falls upon the human resources (HR) department. By: PC Mag Read Post >

Thermal-Imaging Cameras

to Hunt Tour de France Cheaters


French officials plan to use a novel technique to catch cheaters in this summer's Tour de France: thermal-imaging cameras developed by the country's nuclear energy commission. By: PC Mag Read Post >

Google Earth Update

Promises Super Sharp Images

The service's satellite maps now boasts fresh imagery from Landsat 8 and new processing techniques for sharper pictures. By: PC Mag Read Post >

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